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"I followed the guidelines and HAD a ROCK-STAR time! Your hints really worked."

- Will / Washington, DC

"I consider this the Best deal in Las Vegas."

- Dave / Seattle, WA

Las Vegas Hints & Facts

Tipping in Las Vegas


Figure out your travelling needs with Diamond Transportation. Although there may seem like there are hundreds of  transportation options in Las Vegas during the day, not the same can be said at night. After a rough night of partying the worse way to end is to wait in line and fight with others  for 30 minutes to get a cab. Pre-planning your trip with our luxurious limousine service can guarantee you a comfortable way to and from your hotel that others will envy.


Get to the club of your choice early.
Pick the club you want to MAKE your night happen! Most clubs open at 10PM but don’t get started till around 11 or Midnight. So get to a club early and give it a chance to grow around YOU!


Tipping goes a LONG way!

Tipping doormen and VIP hosts can and will make your club experience smoother and more enjoyable. The .vig. is a way of life out here in Vegas. Doormen, Valets and Hosts get minimum wage; their living is made on doing favors for people and in return they need to be compensated. A pre-tip as you walk in will go a long way if you have a problem and or need something.

Give your business card with the tip and introduce yourself. Tell them you are here for a special occasion with your close friends and want to make sure your group is taken care of. (The size of the tip will determine HOW “taken care of” you and your group are. $10 per person in the group will do wonders; an honorable offer would be $10 per person of 10 will do nicely! I have seen many a problem solved and special favors done for good tippers. Remember you are around THOUSANDS of yahoos. A tip will enhance the chance they remember your face if you follow our simple instructions.


They usually receive $1 a bag, but an extra tip is suggested if you ask them to make show reservations or if they help you with taxis, etc.

If the concierge helps you arrange show tickets, tours, hair appointments or anything else, it is customary to leave a tip. It’s up to the customer, but anywhere from $2-$20 is graciously accepted.

Front Desk Clerks:
If you’re looking for a room upgrade, tipping the front desk clerk can get you a better room. We leave it up to your discretion, but we’ve heard everything from $10-$50.

Valet Parking Attendants:
We suggest $1 – $2 for valet parking attendants when you drop off and pick up. If you want them to leave the car up front, be prepared to tip higher, anywhere from $10-$30 depending upon how busy it is.

Tipping a dealer is a little trickier. You can give the dealer a tip in between hands or spins, and this tip can range from $1 to as much as you want to give. You can also wait until the end of your session and tip the dealer then.

Keno and Bingo runners:¬†$1 every few rounds is acceptable and suggested even if you aren’t winning.

Cocktail Waitresses:
About $2 per round is sufficient for a small group (two to three people). Increase it for larger groups. Don’t fail to tip, even if your drinks are complimentary. The waitress will remember your tip when getting your next round and you will get your drinks faster!

Change Person:
Don’t forget to slip a few bucks to these helpful folks – especially if you win. Don’t try to palm off a $5 tip for a Megabucks win; it’s insulting.

Slot Supervisors:
They fix bill jams and fill the hopper, allowing you to collect your jackpot- could it hurt to tip a buck or two?

We’d recommend $1-$2 a day for the maid service in your hotel room. A sincere tip is always appreciated!

You can NEVER tip TOO Much!

“I followed the guidelines and HAD a ROCK-STAR time! Your hints really worked.”
– Will / Washington, DC

“I consider this the Best deal in Las Vegas.”
– Dave / Seattle, WA